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…within literally seconds the earring backs were off with ZERO pain.
 Take this to Shark Tank and let them get it into the big market, it needs to be available to people!!
You have ended over 2 years of crying battles! 

“Just what we needed…I was desperate to get starter earrings off my 5 year old. She was insistent on me NOT touching her ears again. The price on this item made me think twice, but after 2 weeks of trying to get them off and a bit too much stress coaxing my child to let me try “one more time” I went ahead and ordered. Very simple design, but they worked like a charm! Of course she now insists that I use them to remove her earrings each time, that isn’t a problem.”

By ARS from Amazon.com.

“Brilliant! This is absolutely brilliant! After struggling for so long to remove both my daughters’ earrings, that this gadget was a godsend!”

By Maud from Amazon.com.

“…it’s so simple and easy! … When you use ez-release it does not apply pressure to the ear which is great because it usually leaves my ears a little swollen and red, so when I use ez-release it’s painless and (obviously) pressure-free.”

Karolina from smootchkiss.com
Hauls Review of ez-Release 12/21/2011

“I only write online reviews for items that really WOW me, and this product deserves one! My two daughters got their ears pierced on the same day – for various reasons we removed my oldest’s several weeks ago and had to use pliers to pull the backs off. They came off, but it was not easy, it took effort. When my youngest was ready for her starters to come out, we could not get them off. Not even holding the backs with pliers! Several family members all tried to remove them over a 2 week period, which of course ended in tears and sore earlobes despite being as gentle as we could.

My husband looked up ideas on how to make the earring back removal easier and found this item – I purchased it immediately. It came today and within literally seconds the earring backs were off with ZERO pain. It also took barely any pressure on the tool to get them off, it was incredible. Seems simple, just taking an earring back off – what is the big deal right? But when they are STUCK ON THERE and your child is upset and won’t let anyone continue to try to remove them, this is a lifesaver. She is happily wearing a new pair of earrings! THANK YOU!

Jen “mommy to almost three” from Amazon.com

“It was sooo easy to use and just took one attempt to get the earrings out! Thank you ez-Release!!!!”


“I have three fairly recent cartilage piercings with the butterfly backs secured too tight, which caused some swelling on my ear, so I was really happy to finally receive the ez-RELEASE Earring Remover. Although it is marketed for ear lobe piercings, they work just as well on cartilage piercings! I was able to get the backs off all three piercings in just a few seconds without anyone else’s help!”

Raine from Chicago, Illinois

“After many failed & tearful attempts to remove my daughter’s starter earrings I received my ez-Release today. Within minutes I had removed both earrings without any problems.

Also we hadn’t noticed that one of her ears has become sore behind the butterfly catch so we were both even more pleased to finally remove them. I really don’t know what we would have done without this wonderful product.”

Michelle from Lincolnshire, England.

“Ok, the remover arrived in the mail today. My daughter got off the bus, I brought her into the kitchen, lined up the prongs and VOILA! Off came the backs! Truly amazing, thank you so much! I put the backs back on the starters after I removed them from her ears and I could still not reasonably pull hard enough to get them off of the posts.

This product would also be valuable to senior citizens or others who may have less dexterity than average.

I don’t know what kind of damage we would have done to my daughter’s ears without this product. She felt nothing as I removed the earring backs using the ez-RELEASE. After 2 weeks of trying to pull off the starter earring backs they were both off in less than 2 minutes!

Take this to Shark Tank and let them get it into the big market, it needs to be available to people!! Thanks again!”

Heather from Massachusetts

“..My daughter has school pictures [soon]…and she has had her starting earrings in for almost 2 years now and desperately wants to change them for this picture (she’s 8)…

earring remover packaging and product highlights

Your product worked brilliantly! …You have ended over 2 years of crying battles! I wish I would have found you sooner!..THANK YOU!!!!”

Mom from Delaware

[Picture of daughter – all smiles as ez-Release takes off her earrings at last!]

What a great product. After weeks of trying to get my starter earrings off the ez-release earring remover did it quickly and painfree. I would without a doubt recommend it to anyone.

Jody from Shropshire, England

“Love it….I got the ez-Release earring remover in the mail and that night tried it out. My starter earring came out the first time. Amazing!!”

Rachel from Virginia

“…your EZ Release earring remover is as amazing as described on the website. I can’t tell you how thankful I am. It was so easy to use and in less than a minute both of my daughter’s starter earrings were out (finally)…thank you from the bottom of my heart for this life saving product … I hope Claire’s picks it up, I know I will be telling everyone about it (I’ve already told all my co-workers, family, friends and anyone who will listen about your miracle product).”

Jen from Ontario, Canada

“My daughter has had her earrings in for almost a year and I would have taken them out sooner but I could not get them off.

With ez-Release they came right off and a different pair is in. She is so thrilled as am I, as this means she will not go through her entire life with starter earrings in! 🙂

Thanks much!!!”

Adrae from Illinois

“We did receive the remover and it worked well [for my 5 year old daughter starters]. … This is a great product and my husband and I would definitely recommend it.

Thank you again!”

Jen from New Jersey

“…My daughter found the you tube clip after searching the web in desperation to find a way to release the back on a relatively new peircing. Her ear is pierced just above her tragus and there is no way any of us can get the earring to come out as you just cannot get a grip on the back, it’s also causing her great pain whenever we try to remove it. …This product is absolutley amazing, got the back out when nothing else could! so easy to use…!”

Sarah from Wales, United Kingdom

“The product arrived today and was amazingly easy to use. …with the ez-Release Earring Remover I was able to remove both [starter earrings] in just seconds without even using a mirror. Very impressive product. My ears (7 weeks post piercing) are still very sensitive and I experienced no discomfort at all using this product.

Thank you so much!”

Lisa from Indiana

“I literally just took out my starter earrings with this genius invention. It was amazing and no pain at all even though I have a really low tolerance for pain. I think the hardest part was getting the prongs into the backing, so my mom helped me with that. Other than that, the best invention EVER!!!

Now I can FINALLY change my earrings! Thank you ez-release!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought I would be stuck with my starter earrings forever.”

11 year old from Virginia

“..it worked great, there was no pain and now I can finally change my earrings. Thanks!”

Alesha from Western Australia

“The ez-Release earring remover came in the mail today! This thing is amazing! …no more redness and swollen earlobes from trying to pull off the backing. …It’s very easy to squeeze and the backings don’t fall off the prongs. …

Very useful product, I love it! Thank you!”

Colette from Pennsylvania

“I got the product today, it works great! The only hard part was putting [the earring] back on lol!

Thanks a lot!”

Prince from Nevada