how it works


1) Insert prongs into earring back loops. Prongs should go in freely; do not force. Earring post must be exiting straight through earring back.  2) Squeeze to remove the earring back. Repeating this may be required to align rib with the earring post. 3) Continue squeezing to hold removed earring back.

simple. The ez-Release earring remover ergonomical design allows for simple single handed use by the earring wearer or by another person with a helping hand. Single piece design allows easy access to the small behind the ear area.

consistent.  The ez-Release earring remover works with butterfly or loop style backs.  Simply engage the prongs and then squeeze to remove the earring.  If the back is not fully removed after the first squeeze, then release and squeeze again.

painless. The ez-Release earring remover allows the earring post to be pushed out of the earring back without applying any pressure to the ear lobe. The earring wearer will hardly feel a thing!

 ez-Release earring remover shown engaged with butterfly style (two loop) earring back:
(the ez-Release does not work with plastic ear nuts, or dome style backs made by Inverness that are sold by Walmart and are one of the starter earring options at Piercing Pagoda.)
ez-Release earring remover shown correctly positioned with loop style earring back prior to earring back removal

Watch the ez-Release earring remover in action taking off a starter earring back:

ez-Release earring remover is intended to remove difficult or stuck earring backs from the earring post. The earring and earring back should be free with respect to the surrounding skin. ez-Release is patent pending.

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